december 12, 2011

ZenTV in Florida

Yes! What a treat! I'm back from Florida and the "I can do it!" conference. Totally energized. Totally inspired! Totally let's kick-some-butt attitude! Not sure if it was the conference that did it? Sunny Florida? My girlfriend Robin? Or just being able to drink American beer again (yes I like that and I'm woman enough to admit it).

The conference was VERY American, VERY big (thousands of people at some of the key speaker events), VERY spiritual (we are talking advanced class here). But it was awesome to experience!

The whole event was kicked off my Louise Hay her self (as in Hay House Publishing - thus the standing ovation...kind of like how I felt when I saw Steve Jobs the first time). The woman is 85 and has the status of a legend within her industry. And you know what - she totally deserves that.

She walks her talk and is an extremely wise and admirable person. When she talks it just makes sense (zense!) and she has that kind of youthful body language that only a very soulful person can pull off.

Here are some of the many things she said that I kind of liked:
  • How you start your day makes all the difference in the world. Use affirmations. Thank your bed. Tell yourself that today is a really beautiful day. Look yourself in the mirror and say: what can I do to make you happy today? 
  • It is the small changes you make on the inside that make the big changes on the outside. 
  • Break the spell. Reclaim your life. Simply by letting life take care of it self. If you are in trouble keep saying: I am safe...30 times...then let go and allow life to take over. 
  • I don't think I have any normal people in my life - in fact all the greatest people in the world are all weirdows (...Louse humor!) 
  • Of course I can have a bad day - they just don't last very long... 
  • Download the app "tell me later" and send yourself messages like "how did you get so cute?" 
  • I don't just listen to the words people say - I listen beyond the words. 
  • When we walk around thinking negative worried thoughts we are just repeating negative affirmation over and over again. Think instead: all is well, only good things will come to me, I am safe. 
  • Establish a bag in your freezer where you put all the peels from your vegetables and fruits, even pieces of chicken and other stuff. Let it simmer for 24 hours with apple cider calcium then turn it off and strain it - use it as a base for your soup or other cooking. 
  • If you can't hide it paint it red! (...yes she had great humor...) 
At one point she needed something to illustrate her point: "Wait I think I might have one in my bra." Well it turned out she carried her entire life in her bra: keys, credit cards, mirrow, lipstick, tissues...

Great woman with great spirit and attitude to life!
We can all learn from that!
Check out some of her products here.
I ended up buying her affirmation cards as a great reminder of her thoughts. Today's card says:
I am at ease with myself, and I am at ease with other people!

Love ya!

Chick in Charge

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