"We want to serve, inspire and empower world citizens 
so that they in turn can turn around and change the world."

ZenTV is a cutting edge publishing house within the field of personal empowerment. Together with like minded people from around the world, we want to initiate, collaborate on and launch various projects across borders, media platforms and industries that will help bring some common zense back into this world

Through our work we hope to help pressed for time modern individuals, families and workplaces:
  • clear the clutter and better focus on right here and now and the stuff that really matters!
  • achieve faster and better results through a slow and conscious approach to life!
  • empower everyone to do really amazing things with their lives and the world they live in! 
Take a moment to get to know us and dive in to the projects we have initiated. Hopefully you will find something that makes zense to you!

Chick in Charge

Say hi to the world citizen:
  • Most worldcitizens have front loaded their careers and lives – up until now their lives have been one long list of predetermined goals: Get an education. Get a job. Make it to the top. Make money. Get married. Buy a house. Have kids…
  • And now suddenly most of them have achieved these goals - or redefined them.
  • So what’s next? Suddenly there is time for reflection. Time to stop and ask ”What do I really want out of my life?”

Looking for new ways:
  • Many are opening up to a new lifestyle where priorities are redefined and old norms thrown out the window.
  • Status and identity come no longer from the goods they have, but from the experiences they have.
  • They are not afraid to challenge their employer, their religion or outdated norms.
  • Strong individualist – demanding solutions best suited for their particular life situation.
  • One job or career is usually not enough to satisfy their ”creative” hunger. They change jobs (and often careers) on average every 3-4 years. No longer unusual to see a lawyer turn yoga instructor, then copy writer, ending up as a history teacher.
  • The old organizational age system, which split work and life into compartments and required you to be one person here, another there, no longer works - the world citizen instead insists on a complex interweaving of work and personal life.

Work-life balance a priority:
  • Most likely to feel stress and time pressure – they suffer from a constant feeling of being rushed.
  • Many world citizens complain that there isn’t enough time to do all they want (quite different from feeling that one works too much).
  • The world citizen combines intense living with ”peaceful moments”.
  • Their use of time has intensified. They pack every moment full of activities and experiences. But when they finally do have a moment left over they are not afraid to pamper themselves or their families – no matter the cost.

A shift towards inner careers:
  • In their strive to find a new and improved lifestyle, the worldcitizen have opened up to, or are at least curious about, a new kind of spirituality.
  • A spirituality that is not connected with any specific religion but more related to a desire to live more in the now.
  • If all the success they have achieved on the outside still hasn’t made them totally happy and fulfilled human beings then perhaps it is time to take a look at the inside.
  • Their definition of success will therefore shift from ”outer values” to ”inner values” – where things like ”a creative lifestyle” or ”a sense of flexibility” might be more important than a job title…

We are all connected
A world citizen embraces the fact that:
  • we are all connected - that everything I do will in time affect you as well.
  • when we help others we always end up helping ourselves as well.
  • before the focus was on “How can we help them?” now we need to set focus on “How can we help each other?”
  • we need to make conscious, sustainable, holistic long-term decision in life!

The choices the worldcitizen make will have a huge impact on:
  • the economy,
  • how future workplaces are organized,
  • how management lead,
  • how advertisers communicate,
  • how our communities function,
  • how we interact as families and individuals and
  • how we make this world a better place for the generations to come.

"Our vision is to empower pressed-for-time, modern world citizens (like yourself) so that you in turn can empower the world. 
Growing up in a fast-paced, globalized, high-tech world calls for a new set of mindset, new questions, new techniques 
- all of which we intend to give you".


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